Diplomarbeit · Magazin zu gestalterischen Trends im Interiorbereich. Die Arbeit beinhaltet Trendforschung, vielfältige, künstlerische Arbeit und Umsetzung der Ergebnisse in ein Magazin, das die Trends vorgeblich über Bilder vermittelt. Sie dienen Stoffdesignern und Innenarchitekten als roter Faden durch die Sehnsüchte der Gesellschaft, die sich in der Art ihrer Inneneinrichtung widerspiegeln.

»Homing«, »New Living Culture«, »Simplify« in your own home – these days there is hardly any other phenomenon as much in the focus of trendscouts as the interest in new forms of living. In connection with this, trendscouts point out what a challenge for aesthetic interior design these new forms of living are. The question of how we want to live gains importance – it should provide space for recreation as well as an invigorating atmosphere. At the same time home should be flexible, able to shed skins, to adjust to changing circumstances because the boundaries of formerly separated areas of life vanish; public and private life merge: A laptop on the kitchen table or a chill-out-sofa in the office are evidence of flexible and modern daily living. With respect to this, phenomena like »Outdoor-Living« and »Modern Nomads« gain relevance too. All those new forms of living share a neo-romantic yearning. For some this yearning is fulfilled by a dreamy indulgence in former periods, others connect it with the exotic, adventure and zest for life. Furthermore, the wish for simplification of life occurs: The so-called mega-trend »simplify« means a simplicity that is not so much ascetic as playful extravagance. High-tech and the aesthetics of »less is more« merge. All of us yearn for an ease of living. On the following pages we express this feeling creatively in four visual works. Works which express the textile design of a new living culture.

Diplomarbeit · 2005 · Idee, Konzeption, Zeichnung, Malerei, Schneidern, Collage, Hochdruck, Illustration, Fotografie, Text, Reinzeichnung · diverse Techniken, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign · in Zusammenarbeit mit Anne Wibke Müller

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